Bulk Handling Specialists

Manufacturing bulk handling products since 1949

WALSH & FORD continues to grow upon itself, allowing a prosperous future for the business.

Walsh & Ford have a proud history of manufacturing Bulk Handling products that extends back over seven decades and two family generations.

In this time we have developed and refined a broad product range that encompasses; Grain Augers & Conveyors, Grain Buggies, Chaser Bins, Grain Carts, Auger Wagons, Haul Out Bins & Row Crop Bins, Combination Bins Container Inverters, Manure & Compost Spreaders along with many other products and services.

Read More Being able to offer such a large product base, we believe we're differentiated to competitors by efficiency of product, durability, expected life of product and potential resale value.

Manure Spreader / Chaser Bin

A video showing the versatility of our renowned manure spreader while being used as a chaser bin.

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Latest Projects

Feedlot Tempered Grain

Removal of existing dilapidated harvestore silos, fabricating replacing with stainless steel conditioning silos.

Feed Lot Lick Block Project

Fabrication and installation of structural and mechanical items to deliver products to a mixer

Cotton Gin Cyclone Refit

Removal of existing deteriorated cyclones, fabricate new and refit new units.